There is a lesson from the international capital markets that took me, as a young ICM lawyer, a measure of time to both comprehend and appreciate. It was namely this: in matters legal, market participants have a marked preference for certainty above almost anything else. Even sometimes ahead of justice!

Market participants need to know where they stand.

You see, you can trade or structure around a position that you know to be certain, however undesirable that position may be, and whether or not you believe it to be fair. What is abhorred is not knowing what your position is. Eventually being told by a court
after months or years of litigation, for example, that you were correct in your earlier view does not give a lot of comfort if, waiting on that answer, you stood ‘naked’ to a market that has moved on and significantly against you while you remained uncertain whether, when and to what extent to hedge your exposure or otherwise move in reliance on the position you had previously assumed.

Let me give you an extreme example of this preference for certainty over justice as it is reflected in the terms widely used by the derivatives markets when structuring a
trade under my favourite contract form, the ISDA Master Agreement. There, a library of product-specific definitional booklets provide various terms tied to particular product markets, including details of pricing sources, relevant market conventions, and fallbacks
and adjustments for when a given source may not be available and for other market disruptions. Relevant booklets can be incorporated into the parties’ trade confirmations and thus added to the parties’ contract on an ‘as and when needed’ basis.

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