Restructuring & Insolvency

Our Reorganizations and Insolvency practice area is based on an essentially economic and financial perspective, which makes it a powerful tool at the service of our clients, whether debtors or creditors, to reduce the costs associated with the business crisis and to identify the different opportunities that are presented for the subjects involved in the debtor’s crisis.

Our goal is to find efficient and creative solutions that adds value to companies in financial distress situations, by way of corporate operations, private instruments for restructuring liabilities, and recovery or liquidation processes.

Our accumulated experience allows us to offer the structuring of more reliable guarantee schemes to facilitate credit and provide certainty for recovery, as well as to advise and promote cross-border insolvency procedures.

We represent insolvency companies, their managers, owners, creditors and investors.

Our services include:

  • Private reorganizations and dissolutions.
  • Bankruptcy and post-bankruptcy financing operations.
  • Business reorganization process.
  • Judicial dissolution process.
  • Process of judicial validation of extrajudicial agreements.
  • Extraordinary recovery instruments (Decree 560 of 2020).
  • Insolvency of small companies (Decree 772 of 2020).
  • Structuring of guarantees for credit operations.
  • Operations for the acquisition of assets of companies in crisis.
  • Acquisition operations of companies in crisis.
  • Acquisition and disposal of NPLs and REOs.
  • Cross-boarder insolvency.
  • Insolvency of financial entities, cooperatives, for health sector and utilities.
  • Contest for illegal gathering of resources from the public.
  • Revocation of fraudulent acts.
  • Responsibility of partners and administrators.
  • Insolvency of territorial entities (Law 550 of 1999).

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