Tax Litigation

We have a team of professionals specialized in representing the interests of our clients before the tax authorities on the national and territorial level. We are leaders representing clients of the hydrocarbons, technology, air transport, energy, mass consumption and public utilities sectors, among others.

Our team has obtained important victories in different scenarios, where we have been recognized for the high argumentative rigor, the strength of the evidence examination and the presentation of innovative strategies for each specific case.

We represent clients in disputes related to income tax, transfer prices, customs valuation, tariff classification, sales tax, industry and trade taxes and contributions, as well as different controversies regarding sanctions before tax authorities.

Entre otros, actualmente desarrollamos litigios en materia de impuesto sobre la renta, precios de transferencia, valoración en aduanas, clasificación arancelaria, impuesto sobre las ventas, contribuciones e impuesto de industria y comercio, así como diferentes controversias en materia sancionatoria.

Our services include:

  • Assistance in judicial and administrative proceedings and management of tax risks.
  • Advising and representing clients in foreign exchange matters, particularly in relation to foreign indebtedness and international investments.

Area Specialists